The Swan Hotel Wedding Photography

Anthony is an ace DJ I have worked with a number of times at previous weddings, so I was super flattered when he got in touch to ask if I could shoot his wedding at The Swan Hotel in Tarporley. Anthony’s company also provides a range of additional wedding services including lighting, dance floors, star cloths and loads more, so when we met at the Swan for the venue consultation, I got to hear about how the space was going to be transformed.

October can be a bit hit and miss for dry weather, but on the day of Anthony & Liana’s wedding it was dry, and the church next door was featuring beautiful seasonal colours, so with the facade of the venue being on the high street, I wanted to ensure I incorporated some warm autumnal tones in The Swan Hotel Wedding Photography, which you can see in the photo gallery below.

The Swan hotel is a 16th century building that’s been a key part of Cheshire life for centuries. It’s where hunts start from, and the walls are adorned with paintings to reflect it’s past. The strong colours featured in this room aren’t what a wedding space typically looks like, but after Anthony working his magic, the ceremony room on the day had a softer and seriously glamorous feel thanks to the white pillars, cream flowers and complimentary accessories. Check out Anthony’s website here: I love working with him, he’s a great DJ and always keeps the dance floor packed, and it was a privilege to photograph his wedding.

The Swan Hotel Wedding Photography Gallery:

The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-01The Swan Hotel Wedding PhotographyThe-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-03The Swan Hotel Wedding PhotographyThe-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-05The Swan Hotel Wedding PhotographyThe-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-07The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-08The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-09The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-10The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-11The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-12

The Swan Hotel Wedding PhotographyThe Swan Hotel Wedding PhotographyThe-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-15The Swan Hotel Wedding PhotographyThe-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-17The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-18The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-19The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-20The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-21The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-22The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-23The Swan Hotel Wedding PhotographyThe-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-25The-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-26The Swan Hotel Wedding PhotographyThe Swan Hotel Wedding PhotographyThe-Swan-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-29


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