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Hey, I’m Karen!

I love helping other wedding photographers and wedding industry professionals get their websites found by the right clients. Everything I do is devoted to making SEO easier, more transparent, and less stressful.

I’m a digital consultant specialising in SEO and digital solutions for small businesses. I get excited about creating time efficiencies and reducing admin. I’m also a wedding photographer and have photographed over 400 weddings since establishing my business back in 2005. I predominantly work with other wedding photographers, wedding industry professionals, and creative agencies. (like Turner Web Services)

The SEO services I offer are all ‘done-for-you’ so you don’t have to do any of the work, other than chatting with me regularly to discuss ideas and strategy. I record the work I do on clients sites so that the videos created can be used as training resources in the future. There’s no requirement to watch them though. There is ZERO technical input required from you. ZERO! I do ask clients to blog at least a couple of times per month, but other than that? Leave it to me.

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Free SEO Tools That I Love

Looking to improve your SEO yourself? There are some great resource sites out there. I’d highly recommend both the Moz and Yoast websites. When researching SEO, it’s important to check article dates to ensure what you are reading is still current – things change pretty regularly in SEO!

In the videos below, I share a few of the free SEO tools that I love using. I recommend these to both my own and agency clients.

Free SEO Keyword Research Tool Tutorial

Competitor & Website Analysis Tool

Q&A: How to Deal With Old Blog Posts

‘Done-For-You’ Stress-Free SEO

I offer a Pro SEO service to photographers and other wedding industry professionals who have a clear idea of their ideal client but need help reaching them via Google.

Each commission is 12 months in duration, and I work closely with clients through monthly video calls and email. I record all my work and deliver it in video form so that you can learn about Google friendly approaches to help improve various aspects of your website.

I offer completion time guarantees with all of my packages and only accept a limited number of clients to ensure I can deliver the best possible levels of service.

SEO for Photographers • A VIP Service for Professionals

The Pro SEO Service is for professional wedding photographers (and other wedding industry professionals) who have underperforming websites that are not ranking as well as they could. This package features holistic SEO at it’s core. There’s in-depth work to set up monitoring in Google tools and fix coding and quality issues to ensure you comply with Google’s best practice guidelines.

Technical SEO

  • Google Analytics and Search Console setup
  • Personalised SEO Strategy
  • Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
  • In-depth Website Audit
  • One 45min Discovery Video Call
  • Monthly 45 min SEO Strategy Video Call
  • Done-for-you Website Optimisation
  • Homepage Optimised
  • Up to 20 Core (non-blog) Pages Optimised
  • Google Analytics and Search Console training

+ Content Optimisation

  • Personalised Creative Content Strategy
  • Weekly Online Website Audit (to check for opportunities & errors)
  • Audit Report Issues Fixed for you (up to 1 hour per month)
  • Up to 24 Blog Posts Optimised (x2 per Month)
  • Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Blog Post Performance Monitored in Google Search Console

Each project is 12 months in duration

Personalised strategy for you and your business goals

1-2-1 Coaching call every month to review progress and agree next steps

Email support during weekdays (within GMT & CST timezone business hours)

Number of projects limited to ensure a great experience for all clients

Website performance analysed and tracked

SEO Service Capacity

I limit the number of projects I take on to ensure that each client receives the best possible levels of service. I understand it’s important for clients to have questions answered quickly, so I offer a same-day response to questions asked during normal business hours on weekdays in the CST & GMT timezones. Due to wedding & agency commitments, I have a maximum capacity of ten clients at the moment.

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My Website Traffic & SEO Performance

Here are my website stats from the last 12 months. The recent increases reflect the latest changes at Google that I have been testing on my site. I’ll be applying the new algorithm changes to all new and existing clients. 

My SEO Training

I’ve completed both the Yoast ‘SEO for WordPress‘ training and the Site Structure training, so I’m qualified to set up your Yoast plug-in for the best possible SEO results & advise on website structure improvements.

Why is the Project Duration 12 months?

Google’s official advice is that it takes around 4-12 months to see the benefits of SEO work. I have worked with many photographers and have found that there’s a lack of understanding around this timescale and that photographers can be too focussed on the micro results rather than macro.

Rankings naturally fluctuate from day to day, and often there’s a seasonal fluctuation too. Focussing on a micro rather than a wider view means photographers panic about natural dips, which is completely unnecessary. It’s better and more useful to analyse website data in months rather than weeks. Performance improvements should be compared to the same time the previous year. This is why it’s so important to track your website’s performance through tools like Google Analytics and Search Console.

Macro > Micro SEO Article Performance Example

To demonstrate the benefits of taking a wider view, I’d like to share a blog post I published a little over 12 months ago. I addressed a topic that I see comes up again and again in Facebook groups for both couples who are planning a wedding and photographers. I figured writing an article to answer frequently asked questions on this subject would be a good idea.

I done some additional keyword research to ascertain what other questions searchers were asking, and what the search volume was for different terms. Here’s a snapshot of how that post has performed over the last 12 months. As you can see, it took a while to gain traction. This is pretty normal. There were also frequent dips in ranking position. This too is normal, and I’d love photographers to understand this better. Writing an article is only the start, that article also needs distribution. I posted this article when I seen anyone ask a question that I had addressed within it, and it was also published across social media channels.

When you take a wider view, not only will you worry less, there’s less chance of you posting stuff in Facebook groups asking: ‘Why have my rankings tanked?‘.

Answer: They haven’t.

The danger is you could start messing around with an article that’s totally fine… it just needs longer to gain some traction.

Illustration showing SEO performance over 12 months

What we can see when looking at these figures, is that Google initially ranked it fairly highly, but did not show it often. This is why the impressions and clicks were initially low. There were also some really low ranking positions, but when viewed over a longer timescale, we can view these as natural fluctuations of a newly posted article. Over the first 4 months, Google analysed things like bounce rate and dwell time. After some time, it was clear that this article was relevant for the different search queries it was being delivered for, and that the dwell time (The time a user spends on the page) indicated that it was good quality. Only then, around January and 4 months since the publish date do we see an increase in impressions and subsequently an increase in clicks.

Even then, the increase in the number of times the article was shown was gradual. It was really only around June – some 9 months after publishing that the frequency increased. The overall clicks for the last 12 months show that this article has driven 1.5 thousand visitors to my website – but if I had viewed those numbers on a week by week basis, I may have pulled the article, or changed it.

Keyword Research for Photographers

The article example above highlights the need for accurate keyword research data right from the start. If rankings are going to fluctuate in the first quarter, you need solid data showing that there is search volume for what you’re writing about, otherwise, you could wait 9 months to find out that you wasted your efforts.

I highly recommend keyword research is undertaken for every page on your website, and for every new blog post. As a self-employed professional photographer, you need to understand what your potential clients are interested in and what questions they are asking. It’s only when you know this that you can create interesting content where you can share your knowledge and expertise to answer them.

Need Help With an SEO Problem?

If you’re not looking for ongoing SEO help, but have an SEO problem with your site or an SEO strategy question, you can book a session with me.

I also provide an audit & optimise package where a consultation is followed by optimisation, restructuring and repair work on your site. This is a 5-hour package featuring in-depth analysis & research, a 1-2-1 coaching call and 2 hours of work on your site.

Please provide as much information as possible when you book the appointment.