Port Sunlight & Rowton Hall Wedding Photography

Everyone want their wedding day to run perfectly, and often new couple s that book me have questions about what happens if it rains? What if we get stuck in traffic between the church and the reception venue? Both of these things happened on Vanessa & danny’s wedding day, and both things barely affected their day & they still had a really amazing wedding. Lets talk weather first.

It’s kinda rare that it would rain solid all day, especially in spring. The months of April and May tend to feature showers rather than a full day of drizzle. Looking at the forecast in advance, we knew it would be showers, but we had factored in some alternative plans to work with the weather. As Danny & Vanessa exited the church it was dry, so I got loads of natural documentary coverage of guests congratulating them. As I shot away, I could hear a helicopter hovering nearby, but at this time did not know what this was.

Vanessa had a family connection to Port Sunlight, so we visited a few locations that had meaning to her. We had meet at Port Sunlight several weeks before the wedding to scout out locations. We finished the portraits and headed to the reception venue, but the traffic was gridlock! After tuning in to local radio and octal media it became clear that there had been a bad crash and there was a traffic diversion in place. I was working with ace videographer Charlene McNabb of Love Gets Sweeter, so I called Charlene on my hands free and I then called the couple to explain what the delay was, and Charlene phoned the venue to explain we would be late. It started raining really heavily, and was still going strong when we arrived at the venue. Vanessa & Danny had a bit longer in the car together to catch up and drink champagne. The rain soon stopped though, and when it did, we all headed outside for group photos before the wedding breakfast.

I kept an eye out for when the showers started again, and when it got heavy enough, we nipped outside for a quick portrait outside Rowton Hall and got the final photo you can see below.

Port Sunlight & Rowton Hall Wedding Photography Gallery:

Rowton-HallWedding-Photography01Port Sunlight Wedding PhotographyPort Sunlight Wedding PhotographyPort Sunlight Wedding PhotographyPort Sunlight Wedding PhotographyPort Sunlight Wedding PhotographyPort Sunlight Wedding PhotographyPort Sunlight Wedding Photography

Rowton-HallWedding-Photography09Rowton-HallWedding-Photography10Rowton-HallWedding-Photography11Rowton-HallWedding-Photography12Rowton-HallWedding-Photography13Rowton Hall Wedding PhotographyRowton Hall Wedding PhotographyRowton Hall Wedding Photography

Rowton Hall Wedding PhotographyRowton-HallWedding-Photography18Rowton-HallWedding-Photography19Rowton-HallWedding-Photography20Rowton-HallWedding-Photography21Rowton Hall Wedding PhotographyRowton-HallWedding-Photography23Rowton-HallWedding-Photography24Rowton Hall Wedding Photography

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