Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photos, (+Radisson Edwardian).

Serena and William had booked me for their Manchester Town Hall wedding photos last year, and whilst I had shot at Manchester Town Hall before, their reception venue; the ubber gorgeous Radisson Edwardian (Free Trade Hall) was a new venue for me. The day started with me meeting the bride at her parents house. Shoes, dress and preparations were all photographed, and there was time for some pictures in the garden. It was such a bright day, and the light was really harsh, so I was glad that both venues would work well in those conditions, as they both have shaded areas where the light is better in harsh midday sunshine.

There was a festival on in Albert square outside the town hall, so I have my wideangle lens lined up so that I could cut the tents in the background from the picture… I wanted the picture of the bride and her father to just show their gorgeous car and the grand town hall, without having any tents in the shot to spoil it. A huge thank you to the lovely pedestrians of Manchester who waited patiently for me to set the shot up and take the picture. It look literally seconds, but when I’d finished, there was a queue at either side! The square was so busy and bustling with people, so the space was serving as a walkway.

Serena and William wanted lots of portraits, and we had agreed locations at their engagement shoot. After the ceremony, I shot pictures of family group combinations on the stairs. The guests then made their way to the Radisson Edwardian for the wedding reception, whilst I shot portraits of the lovely couple.

After the wedding breakfast, I headed off to some pre agreed locations with the couple for a 10 min 2nd wedding portrait session. There are some gorgeous areas inside Opus One bar, and at the front of the Free Trade Hall entrance, and the couple wanted these shots in their album. I love the way the floor is lit up underneath Serena’s gorgeous dress, I think it really highlights the texture of the flower detail.

Here’s the selection of pictures from Serena and Williams wedding day.

Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photos – Wedding Gallery:


Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-13Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-14Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-15Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-16Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-17Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-18Manchester Town Hall Wedding PhotosManchester Town Hall Wedding PhotosManchester Town Hall Wedding PhotosManchester Town Hall Wedding PhotosManchester Town Hall Wedding PhotosManchester Town Hall Wedding Photos

Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-25Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-26Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-27Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-28Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-29Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-30Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-31Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-32Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-33Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-34Manchester Radisson Edwardian PhotosManchester Radisson EdwardianManchester Radisson EdwardianManchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-38Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-39Manchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-40Manchester Radisson EdwardianManchester Radisson EdwardianManchester Radisson EdwardianManchester-Town-HallWedding-Photos-44


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