Manchester Radisson Edwardian Wedding Photography – Sam and Rachael

Sam and Rachel had spotted some Manchester Radisson Edwardian Wedding Photography on my blog from Serena and Williams wedding last July, and booked me for their special day. The Radisson Edwardian is, in my opinion one of Manchester’s best wedding venues. It has it all; A grand entrance of detailed stonework, a plush contemporary interior with loads of space for group shots and the large atrium area which is great to get that large group shot of everyone from above.

On the wedding day, Rachael hadn’t wanted any documentary wedding photography of the preparations, so instead I headed to the  wedding venue to meet the Groom. I got a few quick portraits of groom, best man and a few of the guests that had arrived, then it was documentary wedding photography coverage of more guests arriving. Due to the many features of the venue, your Manchester Radisson Edwardian Wedding Photography could incorporate a whole range of styles as there’s loads of areas that make great backdrops to your wedding pictures.

The ceremony was upstairs, and afterwards the couple mingles with guests and enjoyed a drinks reception and canapes in the main atrium area before going for a drive in the wedding car. When the bride an groom returned, we done a few group shots, with the main one being taken in the atrium area and smaller groups shot at the grand entrance of the Free Trade Hall section.

The rest of the day was mainly documentary style Manchester Radisson Edwardian Wedding Photography, with a few informal group shots here and there. I stayed to capture the first dance and band afterwards, before heading home. Thanks Rachael and Sam, it was great to work with you both! 🙂

Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-01Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-02Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-03Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-04Manchester Radisson Edwardian Wedding PhotographyRadisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-06Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-07Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-08Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-09

Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-10Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-11Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-12Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-13Manchester Radisson Edwardian Wedding PhotographyRadisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-15Manchester Radisson Edwardian Wedding PhotographyManchester Radisson Edwardian Wedding PhotographyManchester Radisson Edwardian Wedding Photography

Manchester Radisson Edwardian Wedding PhotographyRadisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-20Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-21Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-22Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-23Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-24Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-25Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-26Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-27Radisson-Edwardian-Rachael-Sam-28


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