Canalside Cherry Blossom Engagement Shoot

Rachel & Rory booked me to shoot their August wedding at Bartle Hall beck in September at the Wedding Fair at Event City. The couple wanted their engagement shoot photos to contrast with the wedding ones, so since their wedding was in August, they were looking for a nice winterer snow scene. Worsley Green looks gorgeous in the winter, so we agreed on this location and waited for the weather to deliver us a picture postcard perfect snowy day. December came and went with no snow only rain. We had one of the wettest winters ever, without any hint of snow. In 2013, it snowed at the end of March, so we patiently waited and waited for a cold spell. March came and went with not even a hint of snow in sight! It just wasn’t to be, and with the daffodils out and the cherry blossom blooming, spring was in the air and summer was well on its way. Rachel loves cherry blossom, so we decided to feature that instead and I went on a search for cherry blossom locations. There are a few different types of cherry blossom and they bloom at different times, so we were hoping that the best pinkest most gorgeous blossom would coordinate with both Rachel & Rory’s diary, and mine too. We decided to still start the pre-wedding shoot at the side of the Bridgewater canal, next to Worsley Green. It’s a location that’s gorgeous and very picturesque at any time of year. In the photos below, you can see the iconic packet house in the background. After a few photos by the canal, we headed to Buille Hill park in Salford, where both gorgeous cherry blossom and daffodils were in abundance. Here are a few of my favourites from the shoot.

Canalside Engagement Shoot Gallery:

Bridgewater Canal Engagement ShootBridgewater Canal Engagement ShootBridgewater Canal Engagement ShootBridgewater Canal Engagement ShootBridgewater Canal Engagement Shoot

Buille Hill Park Engagement Shoot Gallery:

Buille Hill Park Engagement ShooBuille Hill Park Engagement ShooBuille Hill Park Engagement Shoo

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What a lovely location and fantastic images. I can’t wait to see the photographs from the big day! 🙂